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My Reviews

First of all, I am NOT a professional reviewer, writing with big words or poetic language is not my talent, and English is NOT my first language, so if my reviews are not beautifully written or have imperfect grammar, you know why.

The books I review on this blog are either books I purchased, borrowed or received from the author/publisher (which I would specify at the beginning of the review).  All my reviews are based on my honest opinions, both positive and negative, and has nothing to do with the author. I will explain why I like and/or do not like a book, which is usually split into sections/paragraphs such as storyline, character, writing, etc. depending on the book. I hardly ever DNF a book and will mention it if I do. I try my best never to use harsh words/sentences to describe why I do/do not like a book, and not include any spoilers; unless the book is a sequel in a series and I might include spoilers from previous books, but I will indicate that there are spoilers in the review.

If I used harsh words or include spoilers in my review, it is not intentional and please inform me so that I can correct it.

Genres I review are, but not limited to:

  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy/High Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Science Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
  • Middle Grade/Children’s Books
  • Fiction

Genres I do NOT review are:

  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • Non-fiction
  • Biographies
  • Religion
  • Romance/Chick Lit

Review Structure/Rating System

The reviews I post on this blog will include:

  • Cover
  • Title, Author, Date Published and Publisher
  • Summary taken from Goodreads
  • Link to Goodreads (maybe Book Depository or Amazon)
  • My review. The length varies depending on how much I have to say about the book
  • A quote from the book at the end of the review
  • Star rating ( I use the same rating system as Goodreads, and I don’t usually use 1/2 stars. I will mention the 1/2 star if I use it)

5 Stars

5 Stars – It was amazing!

This book was amazing; I couldn’t put it down. I will recommend it to everyone and will definitely re-read. I don’t give this rating very often.

4 Stars  4 Stars – I really liked it!

This book was really good. It had minor issues, but I enjoyed it a lot. I will recommend it and probably will re-read in the future.

3 Stars

3 Stars – I liked it!

This book was good. It had some issues, but I still liked it. I will recommend it to some people who would enjoy it. Probably will not re-read in the future.

2 Stars 2 Stars – It was OK!

This book was just OK. It had a lot of issues, but it didn’t bother me enough to stop reading/DNF. I might recommend it to some people, but will not re-read in the future.

1 Star 1 Star – I did not like it!

I did not enjoy reading this book. It had a lot of issues that may/may not make me stop reading/DNF. I probably will not recommend this book and I will definitely not re-read. I hardly ever give this rating.

Review Requests

I am currently accepting review requests for books in the genres I have mentioned. I do not accept money/book swags/, etc. in exchange for reviews. All of my reviews are my personal opinions and are not influenced by others. I try to prioritize books given to me in exchange for reviews and have it posted on my blog, and also my Goodreads account as soon as I am able.

If a book I have been asked to review is a second/third book in a series, I would prefer to have the first one as well so that it will be easier for me to review the book. I don’t mind receiving physical books, but as I don’t live in the United States, it would be easier for me to receive a digital copy in either .pdf or .epub format.

I do not guarantee that I will post a review shortly after receiving a book as I have to divide my time between classes, assignments and reading. As a student, I will prioritize my education before writing reviews. However, I do guarantee that I will review all the books I have accepted. If you need me to post the review before/on a certain day, please specify it in your email. I have the right to refuse to review a book because of the following reasons:

  • the book is not a genre I prefer
  • I am not interested in the story
  • I do not have the time to read and review because of other obligations (I am a university student)
  • other reasons

Contact Me

If you have read my review policy and you are still interested in asking me to review your book, you can contact me at:

Please include the title and summary of your book, the genre and approximate length. I will try to respond to your email as soon as possible.

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