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Judging a Book By Its Cover: A Quiz (Part 2)

Hello, everyone! And welcome to another episode of Guess That Plot!

Lol. I wish this was a real game show πŸ˜€

So last week, you may or may not have noticed me posting a part 1 to this quiz, where I got my sisters to guess the plots of books based on their covers. They didn’t do very well, I think. There was a lot of arguing, eye rolling, trying to talk over each other and a fight. Well, it didn’t get that far, but maybe that’s because I’m just great at calming people down? Just kidding!

This week, I want to post the second and final part to the quiz. So if you’re interested to find out who wins, keep on reading. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and want to find out, you can check out part 1 here.

Previously, on Guess That Plot!

Cloozy: I already know what this is about

Me and Heidi: How would YOU know what this is about???

Heidi: Do you really know what this is about??? OKAY, CHANGE!

Cloozy: WHAT!?

Me: *trying to regain control over the raised voices* How do you know what this book is about??

Cloozy: No, I’m just guessing!

Heidi: She made a β€œguess”, well let’s assume that she knows. Either she read the summary or YOU (*points at me*) told her!

Me: I did NOT tell her anything!

And pretty much arguments like this until the end of the episode.

Result: Heidi – 2 , Cloozy – 1

Part 2 Starts Now!

(clicking on the book covers will take you to the Goodreads page)

Me: Okay, The Running Dream!

Round 5: The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

Cloozy: I don’t read a lot! How am I supposed to know what anything is about?

Heidi: Okay, Running Dream. It’s about a person, maybe a person who’s disabled, and he dreams of being a runner, a Running Man (Korean game show πŸ˜€ ) or something-

Cloozy: Aww… that’s my answer…

Heidi: And then he trains and trains and trains-

Cloozy: FINE I’ll change my answer!

Heidi: And, there’s gonna be a nice trainer who’s gonna be his best friend and encourages him to not give up on his dreams to become the Running Man

Me: The Running Man? Really?

Cloozy: I don’t know what to answer anymore, cuz Heidi already said what I wanted to say. But I’m gonna change it!

Cloozy: I’m gonna say it’s about a girl who has a big dream (*Heidi playing guitar in the background*) but every time she almost reaches that dream, it keeps running away ahahahah… so she has to try harder

Everyone: *laughs*

Cloozy: But she keeps trying and trying until finally she reaches her dream. I’m probably wrong cuz HEIDI ALREADY SAID WHAT I WANTED TO SAY

Me: Okay, well. She was already a runner but then she got in an accident and loses her leg-

Cloozy and Heidi: HAH! So she is disabled! *looks at each other and laughs*

Me: And then she meets this other girl who’s disabled and

Heidi: and trains her.

Me: No… But I’ll give you the point anyway.

Result: Cloozy – 1 , Heidi – 3

Round 6 – Starters by Lissa Price

Me: Okay, next!

Cloozy: Ugh this is a hard one! Okay. So this is about a person who decides to make robots the “new thing”. So they started making robots and then the robots take over the world! *laughs* Yeah!

Cloozy: Hey! What’s that? *points at the book cover* “See this cover come to life?”

Me: Yeah, you can download the app and it uses your phone’s camera to play the book trailer when you point it at the cover. So the background will still be your house, but the book itself will be the trailer

Cloozy: Okay, whatever… So then the robots? Yeah, they’re the starters. *reads the cover* “Your body. Rented out. Used to murder”. OH OKAY OKAY OKAY—

Heidi: AWWW why’d you read that?!?

Everyone: *laughs*

Cloozy: Hahaha I don’t think you have a chance now! Okay, so this GUY he made humans into robots. Upgraded their brains into AIs or whatever and then he used them, these mind-controlled humans to kill other people. That’s what I think haha

Heidi: Okay, it’s either a cyborg or a robot. She’s a hit man! People rent her, so if someone wants somebody killed, they go to her. And then… the cover’s just white. There’s really nothing to say here…

Me: There’s a lot of mechanical thingies here in the background?

Heidi: Yeah? Robots or whatever. This is like a futuristic world where cars fly—

Cloozy: Hehe I don’t think that’s what it is about

Heidi: What is it then?

Me: Okay. So. I think Cloozy gets the point.

Cloozy: *GASPS and then clasps*

Me: Because she said something about people upgrading themselves. In this world, old people who want to relive their youth basically rents younger people’s bodies and transfer their consciousness into those bodies. Like if they say “Oh, I wanna be young again” they’d borrow someone else’s body.

Result: Cloozy – 2 , Heidi – 3

Round 7 – Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

Cloozy: Have you really read all these books?

Me: Yeah? Of course I’ve read all of them

Heidi: Let me read the summary!

Me: What? No!

Heidi: “This is one of those rare books that will keep readers dreaming long after they’ve read it”

Cloozy: That’s not a summary, that’s a review!

Heidy: Okay! This is an old world, like one of those old times where she learns poisons

Cloozy: Yeah, it kinda looks old. There’s a castle! I think it’s Red Riding Hood

Heidi: She is a queen or a princess or something, and someone’s trying to get the king or queen poisoned… Like, or she’s trying to poison someone… I really can’t think of anything right now…

Me: Think, Heidi. Think!

Heidi: Okay, well somebody’s trying to poison the king or queen and… *pause* Or she’s a student!

Me: You can’t just keep changing your answer like that!

Heidi: Okay, well maybe she’s trying to learn poisons but she was forbidden to learn and she’s doing it in secret.

Cloozy: Okay, I don’t think the word ‘poison’ actually means poison. I think it’s a METAPHOR for something that’s BAD! Okay, SO my theory, so this peasant girl lives in a library or something where she works as an apprentice. And one day she finds a DOOR

Me: *laughs*

Cloozy: So through this door, she finds a magic book, and she starts Learning. Black. Magic.

Me: And then?

Cloozy: And then… she becomes evil. *laughs*

Me: Okay, I think I’ll give the point to Heidi

Heidi: YEAH!

Cloozy: ARGHH

Me: She’s NOT a princess, but somebody was trying to kill the commander, so I guess you got that right. She’s actually a prisoner because she killed her master so-

Cloozy: Told you she was evil! Heh!

Me: SO, she was supposed to be hanged to death, but this guy gave her the chance to be a poison taster? Poison tester? Anyway it was like “hey, our poison tester just died (*everyone laughs*) and we need a new one. So do you want to die by hanging or do you want to be a poison tester?” So she chose to be the new poison tester.

Result: Cloozy – 2 , Heidi – 4

Round 8 – Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Me: Okay last one! Okay, what do you think of this one?

Cloozy: Across the universe… This looks like another Fault in Our Stars book…

Heidi: Okay let me read the text. “What does it take…”

Me: Just let me read it. “What does it take to survive—

Cloozy: Survive a boring book?

Me: Ohhhh this is a spoiler!! If I read this out to you, you’ll know! “What does it take to survive a spaceship fueled by lies?”

Cloozy: Okay, I got it!

Me: Okay, then. Go!

Cloozy: Alright, so this girl, like Clarke (The 100), finds out a secret! Everything is actually

Everyone: A LIE!

Cloozy: Yeah, a lie! Then she finds a guy, falls in love with him, and they rule the world! Hahaha

Heidi: Okay. It is something about a secret. A guy finds out a secret about the ship… *pause*. But I feel like this guy or this girl is probably in love with someone from a different ship so they have to travel “Across the Universe” to see each other. Because that’s what the picture says. And then, they find a better way to fuel the ship!

Me: Hmmm…. Okay, I’ll just give the point to Cloozy.

Cloozy: Huh? Why?

Me: Cuz… Repeat what you said again

Cloozy: Umm… I forgot…

Me: What? How’d you forget?

Cloozy: Well, YOU recorded it!

Me: *laughs*

Cloozy: Umm… So this girl finds out that everything’s a lie and then she meets this guy and falls in love

Me: Yeah, okay. So actually, these people-

Cloozy: That is the worst cover I’ve ever seen

Me: I doubt it. Anyway, back on earth, this organization or company is trying to colonize a new planet. So they’re sending all the engineers and all the smart people in cryosleep and wake up once they reach the new planet to colonize it.

Cloozy: Huh why?

Me: Because they need smart people to colonize a new planet? Anyway. This girl, both her parents are really smart, doctors or something. OMG! That is like The 100!

Heidi: Yeah!!!

Me: So anyway, she–

Heidi: I really can’t wait to see what will happen in season 6

Cloozy: Yeah, I think it’s gonna be good

Me: So ANYWAY, the daughter has to go to the new planet with them. And then. Basically, there are other people who run the ship, right? And these people live and die on the ship. So cut to a few hundred years later, this girl woke up before landing on the new planet. Someone on that ship woke her up before it was time!

Cloozy: And then she met a guy… And they fall in love…

Me: Okay, so that’s it! Any closing words?

Cloozy: I don’t like to read

Heidi: That’s why there’s a saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” because you’ll never get it right

Me: But here’s the thing, the cover is the first thing you see when you go to the store. It’s the reason why you pick it up. “Hey, this looks interesting!” So then you pick it up and you read the back.

Heidi: Yeah… That’s why you have to make an interesting cover, so people get intrigued. But lots of the covers are boring!

Me: No… The cover is why I picked up this (0.4) book.

Me: I thought it looked creepy and interesting, so I bought it and read it. Anyway…. Good game everyone!

Result: Cloozy – 3 , Heidi – 4


Okay, so that’s it for this tag/quiz! I really had a great time with my sisters when we played this game and also when I revisited it to write these posts πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed transcribing it. If you’ve done something like this or want to give it a go, let me know! I’d love to read it πŸ˜€

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