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Judging a Book By Its Cover: A Quiz

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

I guess I haven’t been online in a while, I’ve been busy baking cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes, a few birthday cakes and other types of baked goods in February. I’d show you photos, but I really want to save them for my Instagram so…. Guess you’ll just have to wait for that haha 🙂

But since I’ve been otherwise occupied, I think I’ve used up my creative energy on desserts and have none left to spare to come up with blog posts. So, I went searching for inspiration on my phone because I know I keep a lot of voice recordings (because sometimes I’m just too lazy to type my ideas 😀 ) and I found a bunch of stuff that I forgot I ever recorded! There’s an interview with a few of my cousins on what they think about fairy tales, a few Q and As, tags I did with my sisters and a few other discussions that I never got around to posting on my blog!

So today, I decided to transcribe one of those tags and leave it the “interview” format just because I think it’s cute and I am easily entertained 😉

I saw a video by Christine Riccio (polandbananasbooks) a long time ago where she asked her mom and her brother to guess the plot of a book based on the cover. I thought it was such a great idea and I decided to try it out with my sisters. One of my sisters decided that her online name should be Heidi and the other one wants to be called Cloozy which is the name she uses for her art Instagram.

Here’s how it went (just a warning, I’ll be saying the word ‘okay’ and *laughing* a LOT):

And another warning, there might be spoilers but mostly I just explained the summaries on the back of the books.

*clicking on the book covers will take you to the Goodreads page

Okay, now we can start 🙂

Me: Test, this is a test. Oh wait, it’s recording

Heidi: *repeating the new Chinese words she just learned*

Me: Okay, we’re going to start now. We’ll start with this book, Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi (probably failed trying to pronounce the name)

Round 1: Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

Heidi: I can’t stop staring at the eyes…

Me: Okay, so what do you think this is about?

Cloozy: I think it’s about a guy… A spy! He’s a spy! And he’s going on the ship to mess things up

Me: What… to ‘break’ it? *laughs at self*

Cloozy: And then….


Me: And then what?

Cloozy: And then… OH YEAH AND THEN he finds out that the ship’s owner is actually a beautiful girl, and he falls in love with her and abandons his mission

Me: What is this? Hotel Transylvania 3?!

Everyone: *laughs because we are easily amused*

Cloozy: That’s actually what I was thinking ahahaha

Me: Okay, okay whatever. What about you (Heidi), what do you think this book is about?

Heidi: Well I think…. *Laughs*…. I don’t know. Actually, I think it could be one of two ways. Can I do that?

Me: *rolls eyes* (don’t ask me how I know I rolled my eyes through a voice recording. I can tell from my voice that I did) Sure, why not.

Heidi: Either he works on that boat and he’s sick of how bad the captain is and he fights…. *pause* it’s not a pirate ship, but that ship has evil things

Me: *laughs and coughs* evil things??

Heidi: And then he’s trying to stop that ship ORRRR he is actually from the outside and he went on the ship on a… like… yeah… A secret… NO, he goes undercover to STOP the ship


Heidi: Oh just wait!

Cloozy: You copycat

Heidi: Wait… what was I saying?

Cloozy: Oh the guy’s falling in love with the captain

Me: *laughs again because I have nothing to add*

Heidi: If the captain was Matthew Daddario, maybe.

Haha she wishes!

Heidi: Hey, that ship looks like—

Cloozy: The Titanic

Heidi: OR that ship is a cargo ship which uh…. Uh…. Sends evil things… like drugs or something

Cloozy: Probably human trafficking

Me: Okay that’s enough, I think. Honestly, you’re both wrong *laughs*

Cloozy: Yeah yeah sure, but who’s closer?

Me: Haha uhhh… Okay, so it’s actually about—

Cloozy: Tell us who gets the point first!

Heidi: Ughhh

Me: Listen to me first and then we can decide who gets the point! Cuz honestly, right now I’m confused cuz both of you are kind of far off

Cloozy: *sigh* fine

Me: So basically, these oil tankers are being broken down for parts by young people, the ship breakers? Right? So… like… he went on the ship cuz it’s still in pretty good shape so he’s like ‘I’m gonna go on this ship and take it apart’. Turns out, there’s a hostage in there, so he could either take that hostage and get lots of money or do the right thing and send that hostage back where she came from


Heidi: *mocking* aNd ThEn He fAlLs iN LoVe wItH Her

Cloozy: Mine was closer! Mine! I said there was a love story!

Heidi: WHAT!?! OBVIOUSLY, there’s a love story—

Me: Actually there wasn’t a love story, I think they just became friends?

Cloozy: WELL there’s a connection! ALSO, I also said he was going to go on the ship to mess things up and I was right

Me: Okay, fine let’s give this point to Cloozy

Cloozy: *laughs in Mandark*

Result: Cloozy – 1 , Heidi – 0

Round 2: 0.4 by Mike Lancaster

Me: Okay, the second book for today: 0.4 by Mike Lancaster

Cloozy: I already know what this is about

Me and Heidi: How would YOU know what this is about???

Heidi: Do you really know what this is about??? OKAY, CHANGE!

Cloozy: WHAT!?

Me: *trying to regain control over the raised voices* How do you know what this book is about??

Cloozy: No, I’m just guessing!

Heidi: She made a “guess”, well let’s assume that she knows. Either she read the summary or YOU (*points at me*) told her!

Me: I did NOT tell her anything!

Cloozy: She didn’t tell me anything!

Heidi: You told us to read that book years ago, she probably read it!

Cloozy: I didn’t read that book

Me: She doesn’t read much!

Cloozy: I don’t read. Anyway, it’s about a science experiment gone wrong!!! HAHAHA *laughs like she’s won*

Cloozy: Alright, so that guy, he can control his flesh and he became an evil guy and he takes over the world with his mutant powers. That’s what I think it’s about.

Heidi: Okay, I think it is about a new world where the people are… are mutants… uh… and… this particular mutant is fighting other mutants to save the world

Cloozy: It’s always like that, right?

Me: So both of you are thinking science experiments gone wrong and mutants?

Cloozy: Well, it’s CALLED New World!

Heidi: Yeah, a new world where people are mutants and the good mutants are trying to fight the bad mutants

Cloozy: … what?

Me: Okay, I don’t think either of you should get the point. *people start complaining*. BECAUSE. So basically this book is about, like, 0.4 percent of the population—

Cloozy: *scoffs*

Heidi: That’s still more than a few people, I said there’s more than one mutant!

Me: Like, things are happening to them. Like, everyone in the world starts getting ‘upgrades’, like for no reason at all. Humans are evolving

Heidi: And the good ones are fighting the bad ones *smug smile*

Me: No, there’s no fight! It’s like the… the… like… the people who are affected, the ninety, ninety-something percent, right, they just forgot about the people who are NOT affected. So this book is about the people who didn’t get affected. Stuff like that.

Cloozy: So no mutants?!?! *sounds offended*

Heidi: But it’s a New World!

Me: Yeah it’s… *sigh* It’s… *gives up* FINE A New World, yOu GeT tHe PoInT

Cloozy: NO! No, you don’t get a point for that! Nobody gets a point!

Heidi: Says the person who’s *air quotes* ‘not competitive’

Cloozy: I am NOT competitive! I’m just upset that you’re getting a point for no reason!

Me: Umm… Okay, whatever. We’ll decide later

Result: Undecided

Round 3: Enclave by Ann Aguirre

Me: Next book! Enclave by Ann Agguire. Who wants to start first?

Both: I want to start first!

Heidi: It’s about…. *pause*

Me: It’s a pretty good book

Heidi: Okay. It’s about a group of people who are fighting. And each of them is a representative of something, wherever they’re from or whatever group of people they’re from. And they’re fighting for something like… food or whatever. Or they’re against the evil government or something. A group of people, at first they’re fighting each other but then they probably got together in the end or something. And…

Cloozy: I feel like you’re describing the hunger games…

Heidi: It says ‘for fans of The Hunger Games’ on the cover. So yeah. That’s it.

Cloozy: Yeah… when I saw that…. Well. I think it’s kinda the same as Heidi. I have no idea what else. I just think that instead of people against something, it’s actually just prisoners. Prisoners put in this BATTLE and the last one standing wins the prize. Like The Hunger Games.

Me: Okay, for this one I have to say NEITHER of you gets the point.

Cloozy and Heidi: *Yells in distress* Ughh… Again!?!? (and variations of that)

Cloozy: I don’t wanna play this game anymore! If you don’t give anyone the point

Me: I gave YOU one point and Heidi one point. There were 3 rounds! How many more points could you possibly want???

Cloozy: *starts to protest*

Me: NO! Let me tell you what it’s about. Okay? It’s about people who live in the sewers. Because—

Cloozy: Why are there SWORDS in the cover?!? And why aren’t there any mutants??


Heidi: SEE!! This is why we can’t judge books by their covers!

Cloozy: Well, because the COVERS DON’T MAKE SENSE!!

Heidi: YEAH!

Me: That’s why I asked you to TRY!

Heidi: *picks up defiance*

Heidi: How are we supposed to guess Defiance? ‘Oh my god, there’s a girl, she’s running away! Maybe from a handsome prince or something. God knows what she’s running away from!’

Me: See? You’re coming up with a story based on what you see on the cover! Sometimes the covers have very interesting details.

Heidi: Like Cress and Winter, they’re so good. Like, GOOD FOR YOU CRESS AND WINTER!

Cloozy: Yeah, yeah, okay. So what’s Enclave about?

Me: So, it’s about these people, there’s only like, very few of them. And they live underground because they can’t go up on land (what?). There’s like a bunch of monsters, well, not really monsters. I guess you could say zombies, but not really cuz they’re like smart zombies. So yeah… Basically, these people aren’t allowed to have names until they’re fifteen cuz that shows that ‘oh! You’re strong enough to live, so now you get a name’ and then they get to choose their jobs and stuff—

Cloozy: But what do the swords have anything to do with the book??

Me: BECAUSE, the girl in the book, she’s a warrior, so she fights! And she got framed or something…. I don’t remember, actually. It’s been a while. She was framed for stealing food… Oh no, no, no! She was hiding something. Someone framed her and even her friends didn’t believe her so she got kicked out. It’s actually pretty good. I liked it.

Result: Cloozy – 1 , Heidi – 1

Round 4: Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Me: Okay, SO. Eragon. What is it about?

Cloozy: A dragon.

Me: WELLLL…. I had NO IDEA it was about a DRAGON!! (*sarcasm*)

Cloozy: Okay! So it’s about this baby dragon that just hatched. And he’s like, a little weak, so the other dragons—

Heidi: *laughs*

Cloozy: SO THE OTHER DRAGONS… they think he’s worthless, but he ends up growing up into the best dragon there ever was

Heidi: YEAH… YEAH… He’s like the nicest dragon there is, and maybe he’s fighting for the crown because his brothers are evil

Cloozy: *laughs*

Heidi: And… and and and and. Are there humans in this book?

Me: …yeah.

Heidi: Oh and he makes friends

Cloozy: Oh there’s HUMANS! I didn’t know—


Cloozy: I didn’t know you could ask questions!!

Heidi: AND THEN, he makes friends with a—

Me: Well you didn’t ask anything!

Heidi: And THEN he becomes friends with the humans to help them fight the bad guys

Me: Cloozy, do you wanna change your story?

Cloozy: Well, there’s humans, so that means the dragon was CAPTURED and then one nice guy thought ‘oh that’s a nice dragon’ and set him free and they went off together and stay friends

Me: I’m just gonna give the point to Heidi for this one

Cloozy: I don’t even remember what she said

Me: Repeat what you said, Heidi

Heidi: I said, he’s a nice dragon who wants to be king cuz his brothers are evil and he makes friends with the humans to defeat the bad guys

Me: Oh, actually. There are no other dragons.

Cloozy: What!?

Me: So anyway, people thought dragons are extinct, then this guy found a dragon egg. The thing is, in this world, dragon eggs don’t hatch unless the person who’s taking care of that egg is the… the…

Heidi: the Khaleesi.

Me: No… the dragon rider. Like… Like this dragon chose this guy

Cloozy: How can a dragon that hasn’t hatched yet choose a master?

Me: Because dragons are magical okay?

Cloozy: *laughs* and anything can happen in a magical world

Me: Whatever. So now it’s 2 to one

Cloozy: Hmph!

Okay! There’s actually a few more rounds after this one, but I think it’s getting a little long and I’m getting a little tired. Plus, you guys are probably tired of the bickering, too, right? 😀

I actually had tons of fun doing this little quiz with my sisters and maybe I’ll post Part 2 sometime soon(ish). Hope you guys enjoyed this hot mess and maybe had a laugh or two. If you’ve done something similar, let me know in the comments! I’d love to see what happened 😀

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