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Celebrating the Day of Happiness: It’s All About the Little Things :)

Hey, everyone!

Happy International Day of Happiness! Hope you’ve had a great and happy day so far!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t actually pinpoint what makes me happy. I feel like happiness is very difficult to narrow down to just one thing? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t believe that we can be happy 100% of the time. It’d be great if I could be happy most of the time, but life is made up of so many different emotions and that’s what makes it great, right? And I think that if we’re happy ALL the time, then it wouldn’t be ‘happiness’ anymore, and instead is just what we consider normal and nothing makes it special?

There are so many books I’ve seen in bookstores that claim they can teach you the ‘key to happiness’ or ‘how to be happy’ and I heard on the radio recently that a university is offering a class on happiness.

You can call me skeptical but I find it so hard to believe that a book written by one person holds the key to every reader’s happiness. Because I think that everyone has a different source of happiness, everyone has different things that can turn their day around and their frowns upside down 🙂

So in the spirit of the International Day of Happiness, I decided to go around the office and also around my group of friends and ask each of them this question:

“What makes you happy?”

I wasn’t really surprised that so many of them hesitated or didn’t really know what to say. The same thing happened to me when I asked myself that question. But then the answers started coming, and they were telling me about all the things that made them happy every day. And more often than not, it’s not something big or profound, the answers I heard a lot were things like ‘sleeping in on the weekends’, ‘food’, ‘shoes’, ‘vacation’, ‘going to the gym’, ‘pets’ and other things like that.

Day of Happiness
Here are the answers I got when I asked my friends/colleagues ‘what makes them happy’

As you can see, there is ‘that guy’ who answered ‘money’, but I can relate. It always makes me happy when I have extra money, too. Don’t judge, just being honest 😀

I’m pretty sure people thought I was weird for going table to table asking the same question again and again, but I’m actually really happy with what I got. I loved finding out the little things that could make people happy. And what better day to find out than today?

And to be fair, I’m also going to reveal my answer to this question. Here are 5 little things that make me happy every day 🙂

1. Reading before going to sleep
2. Smiling at someone and they smile back
3. Completing a project at work
4. Singing along to the music in the car as loud as I want
5. People laughing at my jokes 😀

Even though I don’t believe that we can be in a constant state of happiness, I do believe that there will always be something that makes us happy every day. All you have to do is find it! It can be something as simple as seeing a rainbow or having a great hair day. Or maybe someone complimented your nails. Or maybe you smiled at a baby and they smiled back?

Anyway, before I ramble nonsensically, I just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Day of Happiness! I hope you find something every day that makes you happy. And wow I am overusing the word ‘happy’ but there it is anyway 🙂

So talk to me! What makes YOU happy? What happened today that made you smile? Tell me in the comments! I’d love to hear all about it 😀

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Day of Happiness: It’s All About the Little Things :)

  1. Happy Day of Happiness to you too. It’s the little things that make me happy. My partners smile. A dog wagging its tale because it’s pleased to see me. Hearing birds chirping outside on a morning. Basically I’m happy when I see other people/animals are happy around me. Something as little as a smile can be infectious and can change someone elses day.


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