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Summer in Switzerland :)

Hello, everyone!

Here I am again! After so long! With my endless exclamation marks! How are you!!!?

So today I want to tell you about my trip to Switzerland back in July. Yes, yes, I know. I went there in July and now it’s already September. What the hell happened? Well, I don’t really want to get into that. It’s a long and not entirely pleasant story so let’s move on to the nicer things in life.

On the 9th of July, my classmates and I embarked on a trip to Switzerland where we would have an amazing vacation were supposed to attend a few lectures and classes and prepare a presentation about sustainability in the hospitality industry. I wasn’t really looking forward to that because if I had to go to Switzerland, I want to have fun! Not attend hours of lectures and do research! That would be boring!

Of course, I was wrong. The lectures weren’t boring at all! I actually learned a lot and the lecturers were all very nice. And the best part, our presentation went really well! Since my friends and I are masters of procrastinating, we actually started preparing for it only about a week before. So when everything turned out alright, I was happily surprised.

I did earn a new nickname though. I am now and forever Shark Fin Girl. My part of the presentation was about the use of shark fin in hotel restaurants and how it is not sustainable, and I read a lot more about it than I was supposed to. My presentation ended up being longer than I thought it was going to be and one of the lecturers dubbed me Shark Fin Girl. I hope he remembers that at my graduation 🙂

So enough about the classes. Let’s talk about the other things I did while I was there.

First of all, I have to say that the scenery is spectacular. Since I arrived at the hostel after midnight, it was too dark and I was waaay too tired to see anything. I have this curse where I cannot, and I mean absolutely cannot sleep in a moving vehicle. Even planes. So the entire flight, which was very long, including a few hours transit in Dubai, I did not sleep at all. But anyway, when I woke up the next morning, I was in awe. Because the view from my room is amazing.

This is what I saw the moment I opened my eyes each morning.

Didn’t get a good look? Here’s another one:


I believe the lake is called Lake Lucerne and it is amazing! I went down to the lake with my friends to take some photos, but it rained each time we tried so in the end, we went at night and it wasn’t bright enough to take a lot of pictures. But I tried!

Don’t be fooled, the second picture is actually night time but it gets dark very late because you know… summer.

I also went to the town, Lucerne and obviously went shopping because I am a mild shopaholic with an addiction of fridge magnets and pretty postcards. The town is beautiful and everyone is so friendly and I wish I could have stayed longer 😦

We saw the Kapellbrücke, or Chapel Bridge, which is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe, built in 1333. I actually didn’t realize that that was the Kapellbrücke until I got back and flipped through a brochure that said: “the Kapellbrücke is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe”. Yep, I was dumb. I probably should’ve taken more pictures 😦


When we had our day off, the lecturers organized a trip to Interlaken. So off we went on a bus, cameras and lunch bags (yes, they gave us lunch bags with bananas and juice boxes and chocolate) in tow to Interlaken.

On the way there, we spotted another lake! I guess they have lots of lakes there. And this new lake was also super beautiful. It really looked like a postcard.


Needless to say, everyone took more photos than I could count. My Instagram looked like one person posted the same photo 100 times in a row that day.

In Interlaken, we visited the Garden of Friendship which is the first Japanese garden in Switzerland. It was built in 1995 to symbolize the friendly relationship between Interlaken and Otsu, Japan.


Then, my friends and I took a train all the way up to the top of the Harder Kulm where we took so many selfies it was embarrassing. But just like everything else I saw in Switzerland, it was beautiful so selfies were necessary.

I really wish I could have stayed longer than a week, but I really did enjoy my time in Switzerland. I will definitely miss the scenery and my room. Yes, I know that I only stayed in that room for a week, but I will forever remember it as MY room 🙂 Oh, and I will definitely miss the cowbells!! There were cows all around the university and the cowbells really made the lectures more interesting.

I actually have more stories about my (short) trip, but this post is already long enough, I think. Thank you so much for reading! Before I end this post, here is another photo of the lake that my friend took with her drone.


Okay, bye!

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7 thoughts on “Summer in Switzerland :)

  1. Hi Maddie! It’s been a long time since your last post. Glad that you’re back to blogging 😊. You are so lucky to have an opportunity to go to Switzerland. From your pictures I can see that Switzerland is such a beautiful country I hope that I can go there someday. 😊😊

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