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The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

the-raven-kingTitle: The Raven King
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Published: April 26th, 2016 by Scholastic Press

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The fourth and final installment in the spellbinding series from the irrepressible, #1 New York Times bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater.

All her life, Blue has been warned that she will cause her true love’s death. She doesn’t believe in true love and never thought this would be a problem, but as her life becomes caught up in the strange and sinister world of the Raven Boys, she’s not so sure anymore.

The Review:

This review may contain spoilers from the previous books. You have been warned!

Depending on where you began the story, it was about me 😀 . Five years ago, a book called The Raven Boys was published and as someone who can never resist the temptation of a new book, I walked out of my local bookstore proudly holding a copy, placed it on my bookshelf and… never read it. I didn’t regret it though. Because when I finally read it this year, all four books were released and I didn’t have to wait at all.

I fell in love with this series and I really tried to read it as slow as I could because I never wanted it to end. The story glued my eyes to the page, the writing style captivated me and the characters made me fall in love. As the last book in the series, I had high hopes for The Raven King. Still, I started the book with caution, especially after being told by several people that it’s not as good as its predecessors.

Of course, I still love it a lot! Maggie Stiefvater is an amazing author and I will forever buy anything she writes. But, unfortunately, I have to agree that it was not as amazing as the previous books. I can’t pinpoint exactly where it went wrong, but I guess it was the overall reading experience?

The Raven King is definitely a roller coaster of emotions. It made me feel creeped out, scared, sad and happy without any warning. It’s like how Blue explained Noah’s appearance and disappearance, he wasn’t there and then he was and her brain somehow erased the part in the middle. My brain also pretty much erased the part where one emotion changes to another. It was all very sudden.

The characters are all my precious babies and I want so badly for them to be real and hang out with me. I really cannot choose a favorite! But I do feel that Noah got very little screen time and I want to read more about him. There are several new characters in this book and I have to say that I really like Henry Cheng. He’s a very interesting character and I would have loved it if he made an appearance earlier in the series. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that there are way too many POVs this time and some of them, like Piper and Laumonier, are not as interesting and could’ve been shorter/combined?

Sadly, I was underwhelmed by the ending. I thought it was rather lackluster and incomplete somehow. Of course, I want it to be longer so that more things could be explained. I feel like there are so many unanswered questions and loose ends? I want to know more about Gwenllian, about Maura and the Gray Man, Artemus, Calla and pretty much everyone.

This series is such an amazing series, and despite all the negative things I’ve sad about The Raven King, I truly enjoyed reading it. The one thing that marred the experience for me is the ending, but I know that so many people love it. The Raven Cycle is definitely worth reading and I can see myself revisiting Blue and the Raven boys many times in the future.

“He was a book, and he was holding his final pages, and he wanted to get to the end to find out how it went, and he didn’t want it to be over.”
Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King

4 Stars

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