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The One With Some News?

Hello, everyone!

How are you? Hope you’re all doing great! 🙂

I know I haven’t posted anything in more than a week, and as much as I’d love to say I’m getting back on track and will start posting stuff again, I can’t. I’m really busy with my dissertation, final presentations, and the creation of a wedding cake (no, it’s not my wedding, just one of my final projects) so I’m gonna have to put this blog on hold for a while, probably until the end(ish) of April.

I haven’t been reading much, either. I’ve only finished The Raven King and I’m halfway through Through the Ever Night, but after I’m done with my presentations and submissions, I’m hoping to read more!

But don’t worry! I’ll still be around to read and comment on your blogs as often as I can!

Okay, so I guess that’s the ‘announcement'(?), I’ll be away for a while… Don’t forget me! I’ll be back soon(ish)!! Goodbye!!!


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