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Broken Umbrellas, Unzipped Zippers and Awkward Moments

Hello, everyone! How are you?

So yesterday was Awkward Moments day and today is Let’s Laugh day, so I thought I’d share some awkward stories for you to laugh at haha! I even asked my sisters to share some awkward stories so I can share them here 🙂

Sister Number 1: The Tale of the Broken Umbrella

One day, when my sister was going home from school, it started raining very heavily. But because my mom is always thinking about things like this, she made sure that my sister always has an umbrella and a bag cover (so her books won’t get wet) with her. Feeling confident about her umbrella, my sister took it out of her bag and walked to the school entrance. Sadly, when my sister tried to open the umbrella, it opened more that it should have, and she ended up holding something that looked like a bowl on a stick in front of all her friends. It looked a little like this, but more bowl-y:


She tried and tried to fix it, but it just did not work. That umbrella liked itself the way it was and decided to stay as a bowl forever. So with no other options, my sister ran to the car holding the bowl on a stick, pretending that no one was staring at her.

Sister Number 2: The Tale of the Unzipped Zipper

My family went to Turkey a few weeks ago and decided to leave me alone to babysit my brother because I had classes. When they came back (they stayed with me for a few days before going home), my sister told me a very interesting story.

When she was at the airport, she saw a very handsome guy queueing a few people in front of her at the immigration. She didn’t do anything, of course, just admired from a safe distance. Later, as they were waiting to board the plane, my sister was reading a book when she realized that the zipper on her pants went down. Without thinking, simply reached down to fix it, and when she looked up, that same guy from earlier was staring straight at her and he actually got up and changed seats! My sister was so embarrassed but there was nothing she could do… So now she comforts herself with the fact that she’ll never see him again…

Sister Number 3 (Me, actually): 

I feel like I’ve had many, many, many funny, awkward moments in life. Like the time when I was chased down a hill by monkeys, or the time when I followed a stranger onto a train because I thought she was my mom. Of course, the train story happened when I was young, 7-8 years old or so, but it was still pretty awkward. My mom’s face was so shocked when she saw me through that train window and I can only imagine how mine looked when I realized my mom was outside the train I was on. But I can’t really decide which one to tell you guys today. I feel like my life is just a series of awkward moments. So I think I’ll tell you about 2 awkward moments that happened recently that I still can’t get over yet.

1.I was hanging out with my friends one day and I was drinking some water. All of a sudden, I started to choke! I have no idea how that happened, I wasn’t drinking too fast and no one was telling a joke that I’d laugh at, but I choked. On water. And obviously, I had to cough. I tried holding it, really I did! But I couldn’t. So, in front of everyone, I had to cough and pretty much spat water everywhere, especially on my friend, Sylvia. I’m sorry Sylvia!


2.The time when I was eating at an outdoor cafe and I thought a cat walked under the table and between my feet. Now you guys all know that I am terrified of cats, so what do you think I did? Yep. My knees immediately jerked up and hit the table and pretty much shook everything on it and I kinda yelped really loud a little and everyone stared at me. Again.

So there you have it, awkward moments in our lives. We can laugh about it now -actually, I don’t know if my sister can laugh about the zipper story yet, but let’s say that she can -but when they happened, we all felt mortified!

What awkward moments have you experienced recently? Tell me in the comments! 🙂

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