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So You Want to Learn Lettering?

Hello, everyone!

Today is national handwriting day according to this calendar, and since I’ve been learning, (or at least trying to) hand lettering, I thought I’d share some of the best sites and also Instagram accounts where you can learn too!

I’m sure there are waaaay more sites/blogs/etc where you can learn, but here are a few that I have visited and I think I have really gained something from them.

Before we start I want to mention that I’m not getting anything if you click on any of these links. I just wanted to share them because I’ve really learned some things and I thought you guys might like it as well 🙂so-you-want-to-learn-lettering

Note: None of the Instagram images used in this post belongs to me. Their rightful owners are mentioned and a link is provided to their sites.

1. Dawn Nicole Designs

Dawn’s site offers lettering classes, books (that you have to buy, of course), blogging tips and also free lettering worksheets that you can get here. She has some really amazing content on her site, so if you haven’t checked it out already, you definitely should!

2. Pretty Prints and Paper by Jess

Other than lettering, Jessica also posts bullet journalling tips, stationary recommendations, and super cool tutorial videos. I’ve really learned a lot from her and I hope you check it out!

3. Julia Bausenhardt

Here’s another great site where you can learn hand lettering. There are plenty of free worksheets, but you can definitely purchase a more complete lettering package 🙂

4. Show Me Your Drills!

Becca is a modern calligrapher, hand letterer, and artist and she is having a #showmeyourdrills challenge throughout the month of January. But don’t worry, you can still sign up anytime! It’s free and you can get printable worksheets when you sign up for the newsletter. Don’t forget to post your drills on Instagram! 🙂

5. Instagrammers!
Surely Simple Blog

Aaria @surelysimpleblog also draws the cutest wreaths that surelysimpleblogyou can draw in your bullet journal or pretty much anything really. She also has freebies available on her website. So click the follow button if you haven’t already! 😀

The Lemonade Store


I really love watching Chelle @the_lemonade_store‘s videos! She also has a YouTube channel with awesome tutorials 🙂

Paula Andrea 

paulaandrea-me I think my favorite posts from Paula @paulaandrea.me has to be the ‘traditional vs modern’ lettering videos. Her posts are simple, but still really awesome! 😉

Black Chalk Collective

blackchalkco I really, really love the way Emma @blackchalkco uses the Artline Stix markers. I have them, but I never knew they could produce the ombre effect!

Okay, so that’s all for now! I will be adding more links to this post when I find more sites/Instagrammers that I really like. In the meantime, I hope you liked this post and that you can learn something from the people I’ve linked above! Have a nice day! 😀

Do you enjoy hand lettering? Where did you learn, or are you self taught?

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