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Langkawi Stories Part 2: Legends and Curses

Hello, world!

Here is part 2 of my Langkawi Stories. Today I’m going to tell you the story of Mahsuri and my visit to her tomb(?). You might be asking, ‘why would she go visit someone’s grave?’. Well, the answer to that is because Mahsuri’s tomb is a tourist attraction in Langkawi. Why? Because she’s a legend in Langkawi, that’s why.

I’ll just tell you the short version of the story, but if you want to read the longer one, you can read it here.

Okay, here goes.

Disclaimer: I tried to include as many details as I could that I remember from the tour guide. Some information may be a little off, but the main idea is correct.

So Mahsuri was a really pretty (maybe even the prettiest) girl who lived on Langkawi Island. She was married to this guy called Wan Darus, the warrior. Then one day, Wan Darus had to leave Mahsuri to go fight in a war. In his absence, Mahsuri became friends with this guy called Deraman. Because she was t really pretty, lots of the other girls on the island were jealous of her, especially her sister in law, Wan Mahora. So, she started this rumor saying that Mahsuri was cheating on her husband with Deraman. It wasn’t true, of course, but no one believed her. Probably because Wan Mahora was the wife of the village chief.

The villagers sentenced Mahsuri to death and tied her to a pole. She was stabbed repeatedly with a keris, which is a traditional Malay weapon, but she didn’t die. She kept trying to convince the people that she was innocent, but nobody listened. In the end, she revealed that she could only be killed using her family blade. When they stabbed her with her family keris, she bled white blood that proves her innocence, and with her dying breath, she cursed Langkawi Island to 7 generations of bad luck.

Many Langkawians believe in this curse, because soon after Mahsuri’s death, Langkawi was invaded by Siam, now known as Thailand. Apparently, the 7th generation in Mahsuri’s family was born in 1985, so at the end of the 20th century, the curse was supposedly broken.

Mahsuri’s family tree is displayed at the Mahsuri’s Tomb and Cultural Center, and it shows the names of all her descendants up to the 7th generation. From what I understand, this girl who was born in 1985 (in Thailand, btw), refused the Malaysian citizenship that was offered to her.

Mahsuri’s Family Tree


This is the scene where Mahsuri was tied to the pole and stabbed repeatedly. I didn’t really see the pole, but it said so on the tablet, so…

Her house was also there in the cultural center. It wasn’t herΒ real house, of course. It’s a replica, but they said it looked like the real one.

Oh! And there’s this magic well! Legend has it, if you wash your face with water from Mahsuri’s well, you would look years younger. I didn’t try it out, I don’t want to risk having a baby face, but most of my friends tried it. My friend, Gwen from Mongolia (we call her Gwen because no one could actually pronounce her real name. Sorry, Gwen), actually filled a bottle with water from that well so she could still wash her face with it after we leave Langkawi haha.


It doesn’t look like magic to me, but then again what do I know?

Okay, so that’s all for today’s Langkawi Stories. Not too long this time, but worry not! I have MORE stories ahahahahaha.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the legend of Mahsuri πŸ™‚

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