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Langkawi Stories Part 1: Evil Waves and Sea Cucumbers?

Hi, world!

I’m finally going to post some stories about my trip to Langkawi Island Malaysia!

If I had to sum up the journey there in one word, that word would be ‘long’. I’ve never been able to sleep in a moving vehicle, not cars, buses, trains or even planes. At least, I can’t sleep well. Even the slightest movements wake me up. So the 10 hours it took to get there, I was awake while my friends were all sleeping. It wasn’t all bad, though. I listened to an audiobook (Cinder) even though I couldn’t really focus haha. I guess I have bad listening skills?

Anyway, when we got there, we didn’t immediately go to the hotel, we went to the Langkawi Skybridge first. To get there we had to ride this cable car that went reaaaally high up. My friend had to stay behind because she’s afraid of heights. From there we had to walk to the Sky Bridge. Ohmygod I was so tired. I had to walk up and down so many steps to get to the sky bridge.


View from the cable car

It was cold up there, but we couldn’t really see much of anything because it was so foggy!


That’s my friend who’s not very far in front of me but fog. So yeah.


Apparently, we should’ve been able to see a great view from this sky bridge, like the beach and the small islands around Langkawi. But as you can see, I could barely see 10 steps in front of me. Also, it was SO windy that I could feel myself being pushed back and I was so scared I would fall over the bridge and die.

Flash forward to the next morning. I went to the beach behind my hotel to take some photos for bookstagram, because I woke up early, had nothing to do, and my friends were all still asleep. I brought 3 books with me, but the one I took to the beach was Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. I’ve had this book for a while, but I haven’t read it yet because the next book isn’t published yet and I hate waiting ;).

So anyway, I was at the beach, taking pictures, when I found some seashells. Naturally, I picked them up so I could take them home. After a while, my hand was full of seashells while my other hand held Passenger and my camera was around my neck. I didn’t realize that I’d wandered so close to the water, when suddenly, this big wave just came out of nowhere —yes, this was the ‘evil’ wave, made me lose my footing and then, I DROPPED MY BOOK INTO THE SEA! I managed to regain my balance, but it was too late. The front half of Passenger was in the sea, covered with sand and water.

I picked it up as fast as I could, but what could I do? The book is now ruined. And I haven’t even read it yet. In the end, I didn’t take bookstagram photos, lost my seashells and ruined my book. My friends tried to cheer me up, but it was no use. I was heartbroken. So I did what I had to do. I went shopping. I bought a new dress and three pairs of pants. Did that make me happy? Well, no. I was still sad. But at least I was sad with a new dress and three new pairs of pants.

We went to a ‘Gamat’ factory later that day. Gamat is actually sea cucumber in Malay. I’ve never seen one before and never actually cared about sea cucumbers, so I was surprised to find out that it was an animal, not a sea vegetable haha. But with a name like ‘cucumber’ how could I think otherwise? 😉

So anyway, it turns out this sea cucumber is really good for health and stuff. And in this factory, they make tons of sea cucumber products, like oils and creams and even supplements. From what I understand, sea cucumber helps to speed up cell growth, so like, if you have a cut on your hand, you can apply some ‘gamat’ oil to help it heal faster. There are also other things sea cucumbers can do, but I don’t remember much. Maybe I’ll check the brochure again and update this? We’ll see.

Of course, I bought some ‘gamat’ products, because how could I go somewhere and not buy anything? This is me we’re talking about.

Another interesting thing about sea cucumbers is the way that it’s cooked/prepared/whatever you want to call it. So the tour guide told me that the sea cucumbers are boiled in a HUGE pot along with tons of herbs and stuff for more than 2 weeks. The way they know that it’s ready is by touching the water. If it’s not hot anymore, that means it’s ready. Obviously, I refused to dip my fingers into a pot of water that was bubbling like it’s a thousand degrees, but some of my friends tested it out and what do you know? They said it was just warm. Really, though. It looked like it was super hot, with all the bubbles and the steam and everything, but they said it wasn’t even hot! Amazing, isn’t it?

The picture on the left is all the spices they use to make the sea cucumber oil. I have no idea what the labels say, though. The picture on the right is the dried up sea cucumbers. Looks like dried up worms to me, but what do I know?

So I guess that’s all for now, this post is pretty long already. But I do have more stories to tell so if you’re interested in my Langkawi adventures, stay tuned for more Story Time!

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