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Ready, Set, Read!!!


I can’t believe it. After months and months of assignments and quizzes and group projects and studying and midterms and finals it’s finally over (*lack of punctuation #sorrynotsorry). I think I did okay on all of them, but who knows? Maybe I just think I did well when actually all my answers are wrong. That could happen, right? But I’m not too worried. I studied a lot for finals and I’m sure some information must have stuck :D.

Now, I just want to throw out all my notes (of course, I’m not really going to do that. Or am I?), eat lots of ice cream and watch movies read all night. Half of my brain still thinks that I have to get up early in the morning and get ready for class. BUT NO! No more classes for me. I have five weeks off! I’m free!!!!

Genie - I'm free!

I still can’t believe it. Feels like a dream…

Aaaaanyway. Now that exams are over (wow, I really can’t stop saying it. sorry), I’m definitely going to read all the books. Well, maybe not all, because there’s like… a lot. But I’m going to try! I’m 3 books behind schedule on my Goodreads challenge and that just won’t do. So, even though I’m more than a week late, here is my June TBR:


This is the TBR page in my bullet journal. Usually, I’d just write the titles of the books, but it was exam season, and I was so sick of studying and (not really) memorizing all the nutrition terms, so I thought I’d do something different and here it is!!

If you can’t see the titles clearly, the books I’m planning to read in June are:

So there it is. My TBR for June. 9 books in total.


I can do that

And even if I can’t finish reading all of them this month, I still have the first 2 weeks of July to do it.

I’m also planning on being productive while on vacation since I’m not going anywhere (sad, but true). I was thinking of doing some arts and crafts using my Twilight books. You know, because they’re all ruined and I won’t be able to read them again. But we’ll see. These projects always go so well and look so good in my head, but once I try to make them, the look like… something else 😦 …

So how about you? Planning on reading/doing anything interesting this month?

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