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The One Where I’m Happy That May is Over!

So. May was awful. It was day after day of trying to finish all my assignments so I could submit them on time, and a bunch of presentations, and it was not fun. AT ALL. Who knew culinary school comes with so many written assignments?

I read one book this month. Yes, one book. ONE. I really tried to read moreΒ but after hours and hours of counting calories and nutrients, and writing about marketing strategies for a drone, I couldn’t focus on reading anymore 😦 . I ended up watching TV shows every time I take a break, like The 100 (season 3 is over now, so yeah…), Once Upon a Time (also over 😦 ), and Game of Thrones (I still can’t get over episode 5, OK?) People need to talk to me about these TV shows because none of them made me feel okay. BUT, on the bright side, my final exams will be over soon, and I’ll be on break until July 18th, so I’m going to make sure that I make a dent in my TBR pile (yeah, right. But still).

Anyway, even though I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing in May, I did post 3 reviews (you can click on the covers to see the reviews):










I also did the 100 Questions No One Ever Asks tagΒ and a (not-so-serious) discussion about zombies called The Zombification Reaction. I actually wrote this post because I was feeling so stressed and I thought ‘hey, zombies’.


Something like this, but zombies

Whenever I’m doing my assignments, I always have a comedy playing on TV, like FRIENDS or The Big Bang Theory. The background noise helps me focus more on my assignments and plus, it makes me laugh. But this month, it didn’t work! I got the jokes, and I should’ve laughed, but I DIDN’T! Sigh.

It’s okay, next month will be better πŸ™‚

One thing that always happens when I get stressed is I always end up buying stuff. If it’s not books, it’s makeup. So this month, I bought a bunch of lip products and also 7 books :D. I know, I know, it’s not good for the state of my wallet. But it’s good for my mind so who cares?


This month I bought:

So that’s what happened in May. I’ll be having two practical exams tomorrow, and 5 theory papers next week, so I hope I can survive, but other than that, I’m looking forward to June. How was May for you guys? Did anything good happen?

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