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The Missing Person, The Bad Internet Connection and The Evil Termites

Hello.. It’s me!


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 I’ve been missing (yes, I’m the missing person from the title of the post 😉 ) for more than a week, and I have an excellent explanation. I was visiting my parents, and I discovered too late that they lied to me. My mother lied to me! “Come visit us, help us move in!” she said. “We have a great internet connection here,” she said. Of course, I listened to her. So on April 14th, armed with my laptop, my camera, and my phone, I left my comfy apartment to visit my parents who just moved to their new house. Imagine how betrayed I felt when I discovered that there was NO WiFi (yet, but still)!  I was crushed! No Instagram! No Twitter! No WordPress! What is life, people?!?!? So that is the very sad story of why I’ve been MIA for more than a week. Sad 😦

Well, to be fair, I wasn’t that miserableI did get many things done and I actually had fun with my sisters. So I guess I can live without the internet. I can’t believe I just said that.

Three years ago, in December 2012, my family (‘me’ not included) moved to Jakarta, Indonesia because of my dad’s job. So I had to say goodbye to all my things -my books, especially, and my parents, and my sisters and brother. I was living at the student residence at the time and didn’t have space for all my books. Or my sisters, but mostly my books 😀 . My family lived in an apartment, and they put their stuff (including my books) in storage until they moved to a ‘real’ house that could fit everything. Little did I know that they liked living in that apartment and had no intentions of moving out. So my books stayed in storage until very recently.

Of course, I had to unbox them myself, to make sure that they are okay after so long. I was wrong. They are NOT okay. The evil termites got to them. Well, not just termites, but the termites are the worst!

Let’s start with the least horrible thing that happened to my books. Quite a few of them are ‘dog-eared’ in the worst way possible. Please observe the photo below.


This is a photo of Wings by Aprilynne Pike. I really liked this book when I read it a few years ago, and I might want to reread it again. But now, LOOK AT IT. And this isn’t even the worst of them. Some of my books look like they were folded in half 😦 . I guess it’s because these books were at the corners of the boxes, and the boxes were stacked on top of each other so… Sigh… I don’t even know.

Okay. Let’s move on to the next one. Missing covers! Yep, that’s right. One of my books (thankfully there’s only one) has lost its cover.

This is my copy of The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel that my mom bought for me a few years ago. Now, the cover is missing. Or more accurate, eaten. I say eaten because I only found the front cover (in bad condition, I might add) while the side and back are gone! I tried to look in all the boxes, but I found nothing. Amazing, right?

Now here is the moment you’ve all (probably) been waiting for. The worst of the worst. Sometimes I like to eat pasta for lunch, or maybe fried chicken, but termites? They like to eat MY books!


Yes, you are seeing what I’m seeing. That, my dear readers, is my book. And it has been eaten by evil termites. I had a bad feeling when I was opening the boxes, but NOTHING could have prepared me for this. The book you see in the pictures is actually Twilight.

I guess now I can see the humor in it, I mean, come on! The termites chose to eat Twilight out of all my other books (no offense to Twilight fans). All four books in the Twilight series look similar to this one. And while there are other books that are eaten (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix being one of them), none of them look as bad as this series. Sorry Twilight. I think I’ll have to do a Twilight Appreciation Post soon. Since I can’t read these books anymore (I guess I can, but there are missing paragraphs, so…), I decided that it would be a shame to let Twilight’s death be in vain. So, I’m going to make something using the pages of these books. Maybe some decorative flowers, or something.

Anyway, I learned a very important lesson from this experience. Never, and I mean NEVER leave your books unattended in an unknown storage area where termites exist. Don’t do it. The folded books, I can deal with. But the eaten pages, that’s more difficult to accept. So, yeah. Don’t do it.

In other news, I recently became a Book Depository and a Grammarly affiliate, so if you guys want to buy books or get a grammar checker, I would really appreciate it if you use my links. I’m not saying you have to, but it would make me a very happy girl 😀 😀 . If you’re asking yourself “why should I use Maddie’s links when I can just go to the Book Depository website by myself?” then please scroll up and look at the awful week I just had. LOL, no I’m kidding. But I will be very grateful if you do use my links 🙂 . I’m also going to do a Grammarly review soon. I’ve been using Grammarly for a few months already, and I really love it, so I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re like me, and English is not your first language.

I guess this is it for today. I just got home and haven’t even unpacked all my stuff, and I’m tired. Also, I have an 8 a.m. lecture tomorrow morning, so I’m going to bed early. Bye!


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