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Fridays are for Food: Pickles, Pastes and Preserves Edition

Welcome to another episode of Fridays are for Food. This is the post where I talk about the food my classmates and I cooked during practical class. Every week, for Food Commodities class, we are given a particular ingredient that needs to be incorporated into a three-course meal. We’ve had eggplants, cocoa, tofu, and fruits. This week, we got pickles, pastes, and preserves; more specifically pickled nutmegs, peppercorns, jalapenos and hazelnut paste (it’s really delicious).

For our appetizer this week, we made chicken roulade with capsicums, pan seared polenta and herb salad, pineapple salsa and hazelnut vinaigrette. The main course was pan fried sole served with beurre blanc, buttered carrots, and lotus chips. And last but not least, dessert was a chocolate cup filled with custard with chopped pickled nutmeg, sponge cake soaked with chili syrup, chocolate and hazelnut ganache, topped with meringue and finely chopped pineapples and salted caramel sauce.

I really can’t get over how long the names of the food are. So this is it for today’s post. It’s quite short, but I have assignments to do. Can’t procrastinate forever 😀 😀 😀


105 - mushroom

Signature - Simple Style


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