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A Blogging Extravaganza: My Idea Board

Blogging Extravaganza

Created by Rachel from Beauty and The Bookshelf, Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza is a kind of blogging challenge. The goal is to post something, to get us back into (or start) blogging and to remind us how much fun blogging can be. If you’re interested in participating, you can check out the details here.

Today’s topic is actually either ‘My Dream Easter Basket’ where we mention all the things we want in our baskets, OR ‘Tell Us Your Ways’. For this one, we’re supposed to write about ‘any methods to help make blogging work and keep it the most enjoyable and actually do stuff.’ But since I’ve only been blogging for like three months (and not a very active 3 months, too :D), I don’t really have much to say about this topic. So I decided to do the previous topic, which is to Make an Idea board. I’m hoping this idea board will motivate me to write more posts in April 😀

Make an Idea Board: At this point, the Blogging Extravaganza is almost to an end, and I’m hoping you’ve gotten some new ideas or sparks for future posts on your blog. This is where an idea board of sorts could be super helpful because it puts all those ideas together as one. And then you can share your idea board with others and help inspire more creativity and blogging. (I have a page like this in my bullet journal. It’s just a picture of a light bulb, but it’s a spot where I can jot down ideas I have for blogging, Instagram, reading, whatever.)


Time for Discussions Thursdays

I’m not super busy on Thursdays, so I thought why not do discussion posts? It doesn’t have to be book-related; after all, my blog is called ‘Of Reading and Random Things’ 😀 I’ll just have to see what I random things I can come up with. Zombies, maybe? haha

Writing in April

I used to write a lot of essays in high school, and even though I wasn’t amazing at it, I enjoyed doing it very much. So now, I’m hoping to get back to writing. It probably wouldn’t be long, informative essays, but I just want to improve. Plus, I found this great WordPress e-book where we get one writing prompt every day of the year. You can check it out here. It’s free, so you can do it too! 😀

More Book Reviews

Maybe? I really want to read more books next month. Midterms are over, so I should have more time to read. I also want to write more book reviews. I’m not very good at writing reviews yet, but practice makes perfect, right? 😉

Tags and Lists

I like tags, and I like lists, need I say more? Haha okay, okay. I’ve done a few tags on this blog, and I’ve had a lot of fun with them, so I thought, why not do more? And the lists, well who doesn’t like lists? I’m probably going to do all kinds of lists, starting with my favorite foods to the ten things I think I need if aliens invade earth. Don’t judge me; this is my blog I can do what I want 😉

Non-book related posts (food, recipes, movies, etc.)

I know I’m already doing Fridays are for Food posts, in which I recap what I did in practical classes during the week, but I don’t do it every Friday (sometimes I don’t get the chance to take photos). So maybe I can do other things like recipes. I don’t know yet, though, sometimes the things I plan don’t really work out. As for the other non-book related posts, I’ll think about that later 😉

So that’s my idea board for April. I’m hoping I can actually do all of these (as long as my lecturers don’t give me extra assignments, I think I should be okay). Did you make an idea board, too?

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