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Fridays are for Food: Tofu Finally Happened Edition

It finally happened. The Tofu. I don’t know why, but it did. I was sad.

Okay, moving on. So this week, we got tofu :(, fish, shrimp, chicken and some veggies. We came up with four different appetizers, one main course, and three different desserts, just like last week with the eggplants (the one where I didn’t take any photos). Luckily, this week I took photos. Yay! Of course, the lighting was horrible because of all the shelves and stuff blocking the lights, and also because my phone camera is a loser, but still ;).

We made tofu soup as the appetizer (I know 😦 ), gazpacho served in tofu cups, shrimp cocktail with lime tofu mayo, and tofu mousse. Of course, I tried a little of everything, but even though everyone else loved them, I just couldn’t. Because tofu.

For the main course, we made a surf n’ turf, which is a combination of meat and seafood. In this case, it was baked chicken stuffed with tofu squares and steamed seabass served with carrot puree and some bisque. We also had tofu croquettes, veggies wrapped in tofu sheets and tofu bombs. I have to say, the main course wasn’t bad. I liked everything. Of course, I removed the tofu before eating, but it was delicious :D.

Now, it’s time for dessert :). This time we made strudel using tofu sheets, chocolate tofu mousse, and tofu pannacotta. I was so relieved that the tofu flavor was really mild and it didn’t affect the overall flavor of the desserts, but I know the next time I make these desserts, I won’t use the tofu :D. I also made some bread in baking class. This week it was rye bread with caraway seeds and also challah, which is this braided bread thingy, haha I have no idea how else to explain it.

I guess this is it for this week’s Fridays are for Food. I just wanted to document what I did during the week in class, but if you’re reading this, I hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

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