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Fridays are for Food: Eggplant Edition

I went to Food Commodities class this week dreading the whole tofu/bean curd ordeal. The whole way from my apartment to the car, from my car to the locker room (notice I didn’t say anything about thinking on the way from my apartment to the university. I was way too busy singing along to the music), and from the locker room to the kitchen, I was thinking, what can I make with tofu/bean curd and how do I NOT eat it. Seriously. I don’t like tofu. In the kitchen, everyone was busy preparing their stations and not caring about the whole tofu thing.

I guess it was my lucky day that day or maybe I did something nice for someone and I was getting a reward, because not 2 minutes later, one of my friends entered the kitchen, pushing the trolley full of ingredients and announced, “GUYS! THE STORE ROOM IS OUT OF TOFU! I REPEAT, NO TOFU FOR TODAY!” And let me just say, I was the happiest girl in the room. They replaced the tofu with eggplants and I felt so much better.

So, Chef asked us to come up with 3 different appetizers, 1 main course, and 3 different desserts. We ended up being so busy no one had the thought of taking pictures of the finished product. I only got a few photos of the main course and that was it. Sad. 😦

For the appetizers, we made crispy vegetable fritters with eggplant mayo, eggplant moussaka without the ground beef, and tomato essence with zucchinis, onions and capsicums served in shot glasses. I really wish I have pictures because they all looked so adorable, but… yeah.

We got chicken again as the protein element for our main course because chicken is the most versatile and it goes with pretty much everything. This week, we decided to do poached chicken with pumpkin and ginger puree served with daikon/white radish salad (we turned this into a vegetable fettuccine thingy), eggplant chips and espresso vinaigrette. Wow, that was super long. But yes, that was what we did. Oh, and we also had some eggplant soufflé served with the chicken. Here are some photos!!!

I should really bring my camera every time I have a practical class, but Chef would just tell me to keep it in my locker. I swear these photos looked so much better on my phone.

Last but not least, dessert! Who doesn’t love dessert? We have chocolate cake, cheesecake, red velvet cake, puddings, ice cream and so many delicious desserts. But what did we do? Sweet eggplant tempura served with sabayon sauce, eggplant mousse and eggplant compote with passionfruit sherbet. Yep, we did it. And I was so surprised that I ended up loving all of them. I didn’t even think I was eating eggplants. Again, I reaaaally wish I took some photos, but I didn’t have the time. Sad. Again. 😦

I did have a baking and pastry class the next day though, and we made French bread and hard rolls. Those were delicious. I brought some home and ate it with some beef stew. Yum.

I have no idea what we’re going to do next week. Chef wanted it to be a surprise. I hope it won’t be tofu. But I guess we’ll see.

So another Fridays are for Food post has come to an end. I hope you don’t get bored reading it, but then again you got to see photos of food so I’m guessing you’re more hungry than bored haha. I’m kidding. Maybe.

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